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MudCorp is the studio of Takashi Okamoto specializing in graphic design, web design, technology art and software & hardware implementation. Our services include website designing and programming, custom e-commerce and content management systems, hardware and software solutions for interactive kiosks, signage design for electronic displays, technology consulting and any other project that involves both design and technology.
For new business inquires or If you want to say hello, please use the contact form to send me a message. I will respond as soon as possible.
Takashi Okamoto is a graphic designer, programmer and technology artist living and working in North America. His illustrations have appeared in magazines and newspapers including: The New York Times, The National Post and Shift Magazine. As a graphic designer, he has worked with studios including 2x4, Stiletto, Village and artists Ben Rubin and Natalie Jeremijenko. His technology based art has been exhibited in Canada and Mexico. He holds a (Hons) BSc in astrophysics from the University of Toronto, a MFA in graphic design from Yale University and a SM from the MIT Media Lab, where he studied under Professor John Maeda in the Physical Language Workshop. Currently, he is a partner at BuzaMoto.


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Updated: 08/25/11


June 27, 2008
Now that I graduated from MIT, I am starting a new design studio with my group mate Kyle Buza. We have a name and a website, called BuzaMoto.

December 17, 2007
I finally created myself a real web page under PLW. It has a detailed list of all the projects I've worked on in the last year and a half.

September 25, 2007
Finally fixed MudGalleryManager today. It's updated for Rails 1.2.3 and no longer uses Engines. The reason why it took so long was because I totally forgot about it for a year...but the fix took about 10 mins. Of course it was followed by three hours of debugging why Dreamhost sucks so much. I hate FCGI. I've been spoiled with being able to run unlimited number of mongrel clusters.

July 03, 2006
I moved to Cambridge last month to become a grad student again. I don't know at what frequency I'll be updating this site, and I don't want to put up things on this site that are school related. It'll be a huge mess otherwise. I started a new blog where I will be posting about what goes on at the lab.

June 01, 2006
MGMParser is a simple example of how to parse through MudGalleryManager generated RSS galleries with PHP to implement a gallery on your own site (so your host doesn't require Rails!)


/projects/all/ . . . All projects.
/projects/art/ . . . Projects marked as art.
/projects/design/ . . . Projects marked as design.
/projects/illustration/ . . . Projects marked as illustration.
/projects/other/ . . . Projects marked as other.
/projects/programming/ . . . Projects marked as programming.
/projects/web/ . . . Projects marked as web.

Projects at MIT*

http://e15.media.mit.edu/ . . . E15: 3D graphical programming environment to explore new web interactions.
http://modster.media.mit.edu/ . . . Modster: Graphical exquisite corpse.
http://mudsketch.media.mit.edu/ . . . Mudsketch: Javascript based canvas drawing.
http://fakeid.media.mit.edu/ . . . FakeID: OpenID based identity proxy.
http://lock.media.mit.edu/ . . . OpenLocker: OpenID based authentication server using a location+lock metaphor.
http://runlog.media.mit.edu/ . . . RunLog: Simple run logging tool. (Facebook version)
http://opencode.media.mit.edu/ . . . OpenCode: Web based graphics programming environment.
http://plw.media.mit.edu/ . . . PLWire: Physical Language Workshop at the MIT Media Lab.
http://blog.mudserver.org/ . . . MudLog: Blog.

Commercial websites*

http://taberstudio.com/ . . . Taber Studio.
http://xxdesign.com/ . . . {XX} Design.
http://antemagazine.com/ . . . Ante Magazine.
http://vllg.com/ . . . Village.
http://2x4.org/ . . . 2x4.

Web Applications†‡

MudGalleryManager (Beta) . . . Online image management and gallery creator. Generates MudFadeGallery and MudShiftContent with no programming required!
MudAsciiArt (Beta) . . . Image to ascii art converter.


/articles/MySpace/ . . . Essay: MySpace is a designer’s nightmare.
/articles/PunkRock/ . . . Essay: Punk Rock Programming saved my life.
/articles/SponsoredBy/ . . . Essay: Reality graphic design programming.
/articles/GridSystems/ . . . Technical: Grid based web layout with linked grid fields.
/articles/WebsiteDemystified/ . . . Technical: Discussion of modern websites based on MVC.
/articles/CookieFreedom/ . . . Essay: Being an adult is hard because of the Cookie Freedom.
/articles/ForceImageReload/ . . . Technical: Force a browser to reload an image.

Reusable code†‡

/code/js/MudToolTip-1.5/ . . . Simple JavaScript tooltip.
/code/js/MGMParser-1.0/ . . . Simple example of how to parse through MudGalleryManager generated RSS galleries with PHP to implement a gallery on your own site.
/code/js/MudShiftContent-2.1/ . . . Ver. 2.1 — Supports image with different widths, usage changed to resemble MudFadeGallery.
/code/js/MudFadeGallery-2.2.1/ . . . Ver. 2.2.1 — Features autoplay and preloading.
/code/js/MudPopContent-2.0/ . . . Ver. 2 — converted to use prototype.js.
/code/js/MudScroll-2.0/ . . . Ver. 2 — converted to use prototype.js.
/code/js/MudTextFlow/ . . . Initial attempt at flowing text through multiple DIVs to emulate linked textboxes in print design.
/code/js/MudNewsScroller/ . . . Ticker style news scroller with support for links. Similar to what is used on vllg.

Select sites that use above code*

http://www.4vs5.com/ . . . Uses MudShiftContent.
http://www.uva.co.uk/ . . . Uses MudFadeGallery.

* Opens in new window.Comes with no warranty or support.Not guaranteed to function under Microsoft Internet Explorer. xHTML. This site supports all modern standards complaint browsers, and has been hacked enough to support IE6 for Windows.